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A custom family portrait with deceased family members is a personalized artwork that depicts a family gathering or reunion, including both living and deceased members. It is a sentimental and meaningful way to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away.

The portrait is typically created by an artist who specializes in custom artwork. The process begins with the family providing photographs of the deceased family members, along with photographs of the living members. These photos serve as references for the artist to accurately capture the likeness and features of each individual.

This unique artwork can be displayed in various ways, such as framing it and hanging it on a wall, using it as a centerpiece in a family gathering area, or even incorporating it into a family photo album or digital slideshow.

Overall, a custom family portrait with deceased family members created by merging or combining photos offers a meaningful and artistic representation of a family's collective history, providing a source of comfort, remembrance, and connection for those left behind.

Creating a family portrait with deceased family members can hold significant emotional and symbolic value for various reasons. Here are a few possible explanations for its importance:
  1. Capture the essence of your beloved family members: Our custom family portraits with deceased family members allow you to cherish and celebrate the presence of your loved ones who are no longer with us.
  2. A heartwarming blend of memories: Our merge/combine photo service seamlessly combines images of your deceased family members with the rest of the family, creating a beautiful and meaningful composition that preserves their spirit.
  3. Cherish moments together, past and present: With our custom family portraits, you can create a visual representation of your family unit, including those who have passed away, reminding you of the special bond you share and the memories you hold dear.
  4. Honor their presence and legacy: Our merge/combine photo service pays homage to the legacy of your deceased family members, ensuring they are included in your family portraits and allowing future generations to connect with their ancestors.
  5. Keeping the family connected: Through our custom family portraits, we provide an opportunity for family members to feel connected to their loved ones who have passed away, fostering a sense of togetherness and continuity across generations.
  6. A personalized tribute: Our merge/combine photo service takes into account your specific preferences and requests, ensuring that the resulting family portrait is a heartfelt and personalized tribute to your deceased family members.
  7. Preserving family history: By incorporating deceased family members into your custom family portraits, you create a tangible link to the past, preserving your family's history and creating a visual narrative that can be cherished for years to come.
  8. An expression of love and remembrance: Our custom family portraits with deceased family members are a beautiful way to express your love, respect, and remembrance for those who are no longer with us, creating a touching tribute that celebrates their place in your family.
  9. Bringing your family together, even in spirit: Our merge/combine photo service allows you to bring together all the members of your family, present and past, in a single frame, symbolizing the enduring bond that transcends time and space.
  10. Creating a lasting keepsake: Our custom family portraits and merge/combine photo service provide you with a lasting keepsake that can be displayed and treasured, serving as a reminder of the love and connections that define your family, past and present.
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We often have moments in our lives when we cannot be with our family and friends all the time, because we live in different parts of the world. Some of our loved ones have passed on, and some live so far away, but the desire to bring everyone together and recreate that memory never fades.
Family is the most important thing in our lives. We must honour and remember all family traditions, know all our roots. Our children should know and remember all relatives, at least from a photo.
All our grandparents, uncles and aunts, sisters and brothers put a piece of their soul into us, so making a portrait of the whole family is a great option to remember and honor, to respect and know your whole family.
And if getting the whole family together at once isn't possible, we know the way out!

Creating a picture from a photo is an incredible gift for your loved ones. A picture from a photo is an exclusive gift that will create a sensation at your celebration! This is a real watercolour portrait from your photos on canvas. The picture is based on the image that you send us or can be done with merged photos. There can be several photos and we will combine them into one to create a unique custom painting of your family.

A custom family portrait in vivid colours is a masterpiece, not just a photo on canvas. This type of treatment makes this artwork look like a real painting while saving you the cost of an oil painting. We do most of our paintings with this type of finish - it looks really cool! A portrait from pictures is a true artistic masterpiece. Do you want to make a truly memorable gift for years to come? Then you have come to the right place.

Such portraits can not only keep and recreate a memory but also become a real piece of joy!
Thinking of a memorial gift for your loved one? You want to surprise someone and make him or her happy? A photo on the canvas is a gift that will pleasantly surprise the giftee.
Such a surprise shows your individuality and creativity. A person will be doubly pleased with the gift and the realization, because that it is not a traditional envelope or some unnecessary item, but rather a gift that was made especially for him or her. Personalised presents have a special value for the recipients. It's so nice to get something that's only available in one piece and with a personalised design. One of a person's social needs is the need for attention. That is why personalised gifts evoke more emotions in a person. Such picture symbolizes this attention that people lack. It happens that such attention is much more pleasant than the gift itself. A photo on canvas is two in one: a memorial gift and an element of modern decor.

All of us have had happy or touching moments captured in a photograph. In the age of modern technology, everything is stored on electronic resources, flash drives or disks. There are fewer and fewer of us who print photos or collect albums, but photos capture our most precious memories. Sometimes when you see a photo your first thought is: "That's a work of art, isn't it? If it were bigger, it would look great on a living room wall or in a study. Most of us have a favourite photo. Imagine the surprised face of someone who has been presented with a portrait, drawn by a talented portrait painter and framed elegantly (but we know the secret). By the way, you can add a pet or any person to such a picture! Such a gift, indeed, will be remembered and will make a real sensation. The photo on the canvas is an exclusive and creative gift both to women and men on any holiday.

Each of us keeps black and white pictures of their great-grandparents and grandparents, photos of mothers and fathers. It's already a tradition to show your children how their relatives looked. Now it can be done in a much more interesting way. A family picture can be part of the tradition. Collect photos of all your relatives and create a picture that's not just a decoration, but a real work of art almost like a family tree. Add deceased loved ones to the photo!

Merge photos on canvas can be quick, beautiful and original decision for a present. This is a gift that can make a lasting impression on the giftee and be remembered for a long time. You can surprise anyone with such a fine gesture because it is a perfect surprise for all occasions.

The final version can be obtained in digital version or canvas printed.

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