Funeral Slideshow Video Service

Our beautiful funeral video will help to keep the memory of a loved one for a long time.
Our professional funeral slideshow service will help you create a memorial video at a reliable price starting from $29.99
Funeral videos slideshows - the best way to honor the memory of your loved ones. The funeral memorial video slideshows are created to commemorate the ones that we care about and want to remember. Our funeral video services will help you to create an awesome and respectful memorial slideshow of deceased loved ones

Our beautiful funeral video will help to keep the memory of a loved one for a long time.
How to choose the photos for the tribute video:
  • Show the person’s hobbies, passions, and interests
  • Include photos of the person’s childhood. A lot of the people in the room won’t be familiar with these photos, and they’re a wonderful way to spotlight a new side of the person
  • Showcase relationships with family, friends, or co-workers
  • Highlight special moments and memories, including graduations, holidays, weddings, and births
  • Include vacations and favorite travel places

Funeral slideshow video

Professional Funeral Slideshow Service
Funeral video service | Funeral slideshow
The loss of a loved one is a great tragedy, one of the hardest trials. Our love and bright memory of the deceased will never fade. And while we are alive, the memories of a dear and close person will remain forever in our hearts. At such sad moments, it is very important to honor the memory of a dear person, to remember the story of his life, to talk about the positive qualities, to
create his or her living image
There are traditions when we remember all the kindest, brightest, and most interesting things about the deceased. Gathering in the memorial hall on the day of the funeral, for 40 days, or on the anniversary of the death - we try to recreate all the best moments from our memory.

There is nothing worse than the death of a loved one. Then people try to honor the memory of a relative and do everything possible to remember him or her. To this end, many people make a funeral slideshow for memorials or family archives. The main purpose of the funeral video is to show loved ones the best and most positive memories of the relative.

A memorial slideshow is a short video clip made of pictures and accompanied by music. The photos are shown one by one, so they are chosen in advance. This stage should be paid special attention to because we want the deceased to be shown only the best side. Funny and comic pictures in this case are inappropriate.

If the deceased liked to be photographed, it will not be difficult to make a funeral slideshow. We will take care of all the troubles associated with it. You will only need to provide suitable photos and videos. Also, we ask you to write a short text with all the necessary information about your dear one. This will help us make the right, appropriate presentation.

You can take the funeral video as a presentation to the funeral and run it during the memorial ceremony. If you save the video, then every year on the day of death the relatives can view it and go through the wonderful moments of the life of the deceased in their hearts.

Death and funerals are very delicate topics, and they hurt the feelings of absolutely all people on the planet. We are afraid of the death of our loved ones, we don't want to die ourselves. Unfortunately, it is the only inevitable event that will happen to everyone.

A memorial slideshow of photos will help you remember the best moments of your loved one's life, from childhood to the moment of death. In most cases, it is the last thing you can do for someone who is gone and no longer needs the benefits of this world. However, we know the fact that she or
he really wanted the good things to be remembered after his death.

We are a special service – Color King Studio – for creating personalized funeral video slideshows and we want to do all our best to keep a piece of your loved one's soul through our videos.

Color King Studio offers:
  • HD-quality;
  • only customizable product;
  • fixed price;
  • fast turnaround time.

Be sure to know: she or he would have appreciated this demonstration of attention to himself. And if you believe in an immortal soul, which sees and hears beloved people after death - they will appreciate it.

This is how people are made: we need MEMORY. It keeps us warm even when our loved ones are no longer with us. Unfortunately, it is impossible to turn back time and bring a person back. But we can make sure that he or she will stay in our memories the way he or she was all his or her life: loving and
tender or a little bit stern, thoughtful, or smiling. And surely - loved!

A tribute slideshow in memory of the deceased is something you can still do for him and with his participation.

We sincerely mourn with you and hope that next time you will come to us for a joyful event.