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Choosing a gift is a difficult thing. You always want it to be memorable and original. After all, the most unusual gifts are remembered for a lifetime, and banal flowers and cards are lost in the stream of the same cards and bouquets. Show everyone that your love for the giver is special. Not sure what to get for a wedding or family celebration? You are on the right way!
The moment of marriage in the life of most people, without a doubt, is one of the most touching and exciting. The depth and strength of emotions can be comparable, perhaps, with the first love and the miracle of the birth of a child. On this day the main dream of two loving hearts comes true - their destinies are officially joined, the responsibility for each other becomes mutual, and a new stage of life begins. Preparing for such a momentous event the newlyweds, worried parents, and invited friends puzzled - how to make this event memorable for a lifetime, and what gifts to choose for the engagement and wedding? One of these surprises can be an originally designed slide show of selected photos with a musical background.

A photo is a frozen moment, and the combination of photos and music brings pictures to life, gives them a new breath.
A slide show allows you to combine your favorite photos into one entertaining "video album," where they change each other with beautiful transitions, flashes, fades.
And all this colorful bouquet of photos is complemented by music, which sets the mood of the film of photos.
Today a wedding slideshow is:
- bright high-quality photos in high resolution;
- a lot of animation effects and transitions;
- the combination of static frames with small videos;
- the original musical accompaniment;
accompanying titles with funny and iconic phrases.

Such a custom video slideshow idea includes the entire wedding celebration. This usually includes photos showing the process of preparing for the wedding (choosing a dress, suit, location), the wedding itself with the first dance and contests, as well as happy moments of the honeymoon.
Wedding is one of the central events of life, so it should be made especially memorable. A bright wedding video gallery will not only be an excellent wedding gift but also allow the newlyweds to go back and enjoy exciting moments from their past at any moment.
But a slideshow of your favorite photos can be not only for a wedding but can also be timed for any holiday, travel, or made as a memorial gift!

After all, the photos themselves are vivid moments of your life, set in time. And in the custom video slideshow, they come to life right in front of your eyes, turning into a colorful film of photos filled with feelings and emotions. Dynamic storyline of beautiful pictures, pleasant music and effective transitions from one frame to another conveys a complete atmosphere of an important event for you and give an unforgettable experience of watching the slideshow. You relive the moments that you cherish again and again.
Practically any significant event for you can be turned into an interesting photo slideshow. Thus, in the form of a slide show can be arranged: a «Love Story» photo session, weddings and church weddings, baby christenings, family holidays, special moments or you can just make a colorful slide show of the children's photos.
Let there be more happy events in your life that are so pleasant to turn into an island of family slideshow!
A custom video slideshow is not just a video of photos to music. It is a full movie, created by all the laws of modern cinema with its foreword, storyline, and logical conclusion.
Therefore, by ordering a slideshow from photographs, you get a quality film, which will decorate your photos and put you in a good mood.
Let your favorite photos breathe new life and a part of your inner world through musical compositions and we'll help you with that!

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